So, Operation Pickledickle started off promisingly – for all of five shittin minutes. :/ Balls! This first match interestingly had me playing Viktor on Summoner’s Rift, a wild-cardy Free Rotation champ that I’d never played before, granting me a decent challenge but thankfully a straightforward start to my run by playing against bots.

I think Death Ray is a pretty cool guy, he has a hand on his back and doesn’t afraid of anything. The match began with stinkingly retarded play from a team of fags, I was working my ass of to get some killz going, seeing if Vik was any use at all, and after a nice tag-team effort with Anivia for the opening minutes everything went to shite. Jesus! What is wrong with these people – inbreeding, being from Latveria or being 12 years old? Or all three?

Thank flip I found Viktor to be a friggin epic guy [who I will def be buying in] with his speed buff magic crystal thingy or I’d have cried blood and wee-wee. BTW, spoiler alert: WE FUCKING FUCKING LOST TO A LOAD OF FUCKING BOTS! Damn my team, damn them to the hell that is Lurgan. No need to explain this travesty any further. We were crap, bots were tricksy, you’ve seen the stats – watcha gonna do? πŸ˜€