Welcome to my League of Legends blog, you slags and summoners. Enter the Spartan madness that is Operation Pickledickle!

In this vehicle of LoL admiration, I have tasked myself with documenting a whole series of matches I will play over the coming weeks, each with a different champion. I’m going to treat it kind of like a board game or some shit, where different shit means different … shit [no shit Shercock].

And the rules are as follows:

1) Fights are chosen from my list of available champs as I work backwards from Z-A on the list of names; Fields of Justice are chosen at my discretion, I will try not to play too many Dominion matches cos its a tad easy.

2) Free Rotation champs must be played as they appear, even if they swap the order of champs on my available list; any rotated champ I’ve never played before is allowed to face a team of Intermediate bots.

AND OH LOL – looks like my first five matches are all Free Rotation, how the fuck did that happen, and why did I start this Operation on a Monday?!? Derp. Nice, looks like there aren’t really any other rules.

But one last thing to tell you if you’re interested. My play style is a bit aggressive and suicidey cos too many pussies don’t fight, piss around and selfishly don’t die the odd time too many, I’d rather fight my balls off, strut round the map like a rooster with a flamethrower and not be scared to die. All that is noteworthy of my buffs etc. is that the Masteries I use – two pages named BLAM! And PEW! – are designed to compliment either magick users or physical battlemeisters. Works pretty well for me, but I really like the champs who are like “Fuck your bipolar masteries, we have no clue if we are more firebally or more swordy! Lmao WasabiDingus!” – risky biscuits such as Singed or Blitzcrank. Anyway let’s all LOL at LoL and go Leet on some Lemons!