Oprtn PcklDckl Rnd 2 was thon new fangled thorny bitch Zyra, and as another new champ playing her first Dominion vs bots, our team took it to the bitter end and won. Hoorah, not a hugely tricky task but yum yum to the IP wot we got and a big fuck you to the Warwick bot who thought he was Johnny Bravo!

Enjoyed playing Zyra too, not bad on the old damage received/given stakes but cos I’m quite thick, didn’t complicate my strategy too much and blah blah reference to that Seal song from Batman Forever (solve my cryptic maze, for I am Lex Luthor, answers on a comment-shaped postcard you numpties).

Pooped a lot of pointy posthumous projectiles around too, but if you’re more buzzed about attacking AFTER you have died, you’re a spazzy moron. Anyway, if I’ve learned anything here it’s that all champions become legendary awesomeguys in Dominion. That’s why I still like the game mode even if it’s a bit samey. Amen to that, my Nazi bretheren. ❤

luxface on human boobs but sum1 drewed samus :/