Get in! Got a win, a quite decent win with Udyr, a champ I’ve never used before ā€“ shame I forgot to grab a pic of the stats, rich in Vitamin Assist and First Win of the Day goodness. Took a gamble, played on Twisted Treeline [so, ergo, not against bots] and we were a bunch of jammy cnuts

who allowed the aggressive enemy team to be the victims of our semi-aggressive/lots of luring into the brush tactical rapeages. Me being me and Udyr being Udyr, a bit of suicidey bum-rushing of the enemyfags was rewarded by well deserved killsteals [my team played well but were twats tbh, so fuck ’em].

Udyr is cool, a bit bashy-mashy oh-shit-he’s-running-at-me like Jax, and quite a reliable stand-still-and wallop kind of defensive knacker. Also, I’m fond of dudes wearing bearskins, turtles and phoenixes being pretty sweet too. So, whoop-de-hoo-rah. Op PikDik furthered. Seeya’s.

Also, big props to summoner NommaH who’s started a wee LoL livestream. I shud chek dat out – n u shud 2 lolomgz!