Well fondle my plums and call me Julie Cockfaggin. Twisted Fate, who I’ve never played as, is awesome and has been purchased with haste! His initials are those of Team Fortress, his attire is that of a certain cajun mutant called Remy, and his speedy skills are magnets for kills. He was in the line up the first week I ever LoL’d and I was like ‘hrmmmmm?’ ever since.

And now I really like the fucker – he is far from OP but is definitely deceptively deadly and I accidentally alliterated. Peenus. The match was a real clusterfuck, and even tho I took the gamble to play PvP, our well orchestrated runs of gank-then-support allowed us to defend, defecate, dildotate and defenestrate righteously. Everybody was all over the place, all up in your face and I was all like “DESTINY!!! *gleeeeee*” ❤